Saturday, October 23, 2004


Was there a falling among the PD editorial board?

Damn, the rumors just exploded about Plain Dealer publisher Alex Machaske overriding the vote of the papers ed board and ordering a Bush endorsement. It would be unlike him.

News at 11.


Hypothetical mini-review: Guided by Voices

Finally made it to a GBV show. Glad I did because Pollard says it's the last waltz! Alrosa Villa in Columbus. Dark. Shitty bathrooms. Beer covered floors. Audience members in grocery carts. Perfect, actually. A great place to absorb Dayton's best contemporary band (can't dis the Ohio Players).

I can't seriously review GBV because I haven't been a "see them anywhere, anytime" fan, but I have much enjoyed their songs on the Ipod. All I know is Pollard gave it his all non stop for well over two hours, as did 3/4 of the other GBV fellas. Pollard can still wail, kick and not even flinch the tiniest bit when a wave of beer suds flows in from the audience.

Yes, he got a little incoherent as the evening went on, but he kept pushin on. That's not a bad way to go out of business.


Asshole video

No, no - this is it's not what you think. Well, maybe it is. Either way, it's very, very good.


Ohio polling bliss

Chris Bowers at says "Kerry Surging in Ohio". Sweet music to our ears.


3,500 GOP challengers - let the game begin

The GOP announced that they will have 3,500 challengers working the polling sites in urban areas of Ohio. The New York Times as a fairly complete story on this.

This, from the Times, give a sense of what the GOP challengers will be up to:
. . . challenges could be made on four main grounds: whether the voter is a citizen, is at least 18, is a resident of the county and has lived in Ohio for the previous 30 days.

Elections officials in Ohio said they hoped the criteria would minimize the potential for disruption.

The Times doesn't name these "elections officials" but the Democratic elections officials aren't singing that tune. If this is a reference to people in the Secretary of State's office, we think everyone knows what feable grasp of reality the Kenny Krew has.

We are bewildered why more Board of Elections didn't put their foot down like the Montgomery Co. board did.


Ohio Supreme Court sticks fork in Nader . . .

. . . he's done.


Dispatch endorsement expected Sunday

Watch tonight/tomorrow for "the nation's most coveted endorsement." The Columbus Dispatch is expected to reveal it's endorsement tomorrow. Both Time and the NYT have already had stories about how this could be the a major blow to Bush. We have to admit that two months ago we thought the Dispatch would endorse Bush, as it has endorsed Republican candidates for decades.

We think we was wrong. Now, we are fairly sure that the Dispatch will NOT endorse Bush, but we still think there is a 50-50 chance that the paper will chicken out and make no endorsement. Call me a cynic, but we still think John Wolfe is having a hard time imagining being identified as a Kerry supporter.

But, the Dispatch is also very publicity-conscious and may want to try to grab a "king-maker" reputation.

The best place to first find the news about the endorsement may not be at the Dispatch. I suspect that they may have already leaked their decision to the writers at the NYT and WaPo, so it might pop up on their online versions before it actually shows up at the Dispatch's web site.

Friday, October 22, 2004


300 challengers? Montgomery Co. slams door GOP disruption scheme

Hats off to the Montgomery Co. Board of Elections. According to a story in tomorrows Dayton Daily News, the panel is doing its part to prevent Election Day for turning into the riot the GOP hopes is will become.

The Ohio Republican Party tried to submit the names of 300 that would be Republican poll challengers who can dispute whether someone should be given a ballot. The ORP clearly wants challengers to intimidate voters and create long lines.

The county BOE said NFW to the GOP. They ordered that there will be no challengers permitted.

Christ - if they wanted to pack 300 into Montgomery Co., I can't want to see what they have tried in Cincy, Columbus and Cleveland.


Issue 1 support drops

Support of Issue 1 is dropping - apparently pretty rapidly - according to new information released from Univ. of Cincinnati's Ohio Poll:
There has been an eight percentage point drop in support for the proposed amendment among Ohio likely voters since the Ohio Poll conducted in September.

Now, support for Issue 1 is still high - 57% compared to 40% against. But the poll was conducted Oct. 11-17, so this is before a lot of the higher profile opposition to the measure.

There is still time to defeat Issue 1. The trend is looking good - so GOTV!


Now there's ballot problems in Trotwood

Jane Mitakides is running for congress in the Trotwood area against Republican John Boehner. Via Atrios, she reports the latest round of ballot nightmares: her name has been left off the absentee ballot.


Blackwell throws down gauntlet before Judge

Via Cincinnati blog, the Enquire reports that Kenny "Failed-To-Do-His-Duty" Blackwell is now taunting U.S. District Court Judge Carr and told the audience at a local chamber of commerce gathering that he'd rather go to jail than follow the judges orders to write new election directive. "Some of the best writing in history has been done from jail," he was quoted.


Two Ohio GOP staffers indicted in South Dakota

Last week Hypothetically Speaking reported that several Republican operatives involved in an absentee ballot scandal in South Dakota were quickly wisked away to work on the GOP get-out-the-vote effort in Ohio.

At the time, we complained about the lack of coverage of this development in the Ohio media. We also complained about the quality of the reporting that did cover this story and how certain reporters (rhymes with prick-ette) were acting as mouth pieces for the ORP's dismissals of concerns about these staffers presence in Ohio.

Well, this afternoon, the Sioux Falls Argus Leader reports that 5 of those involved have been indicted in South Dakota including two of the three they admit to having been transferred to Ohio, Nathan Mertz and Todd Schleckeway. Another staffer who was supposedly sent to Ohio, Eric Fahrendorf was also indicted, but the ORP claims he wasn't moved to Ohio.

Larry Russell, ringleader of the absentee ballot caper, was also moved to Ohio, but there is no word yet on his fate.

Prediction: Little to no coverage among the Ohio media on this, too.


Why the Ohio GOP is in trouble

Franklin County (Columbus area) election officials announced that they have registered 124,089 new voters since the beginning of the year. That's a 17% increase.

They also said that voter registrations are up by 25% from 2000. The ORP knows that the majority of those aren't going to Bush.


Poll challengers and more GOP voter disruptions

Today is the deadline for both parties to submit the names of "poll challengers" for election day. Poll challenging is one of the latest GOP disenfranchisement schemes based on a little-used law that allows party designees within polling sites to "challenge" whether someone can legally vote. It's expected that the GOP will use challengers to question ID's, active voter status, etc. If nothing else, the GOP will use the challengers to lengthen the wait (and the lines) at the polls in key precincts where they want to suppress the vote.

There are also rumors going around Columbus that the GOP has a scheme to attack all the new voter registrations that have occurred. These new registrants have the GOP running scared because the surveys show most of these new registrants - if they vote - will go to Kerry. This week, the Ohio Repub Party has been doing major, major spinning the story that there has been massive voter registraton fraud by the Dems and their allies. Of course, Bob Bennett and his minions have no shred of evidence of this. But, if nothing else, he is establishing a public relations campaign to sell the idea that the a Kerry victory in Ohio must be illegitimate and the result of nefarious voter registrations. Bennett knows that with, with luck, he won't have to prove his charges (he hasn't had to so far) - all he has to do is repeat them enough times that the press and the public will believe him.


New phony calls more GOP dirty tricks?

Last week, we had a post on phony phone calls in the Cleveland area that seem to be aimed at directing voters to the wrong precinct.

Now the Dispatch shows the problem is showing up in central Ohio, too.

This stuff is right out ofthe GOP's SOP playbook, and it's child's play for a guy like Rove.

When it comes to democracy, this crap is much more destructive than the antics of a an isolated crack-whacked voter registrant, but which one gets the most headlines?


Timken on the take

"These guys preach self-reliance, but they're on the public dole" - U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown

Hats off to the PD's Washington Bureau chief Stephen Koff. He has an eye-opening article on the Timken Company in Canton where Bush is making a visit today. The entire article is well worth the time to read (plan for a few moments of pissed-off wonderment), but here are few highlights.
- Under Bush, Timken's military contracts, rose $45 million, a 176 percent increase over the last four years of the Clinton administration. "Timken makes parts for the Apache attack helicopter, the CH-47 helicopter and the F-16 fighter jet, among other aircraft."

- the majority of the Timken weapons systems contracts were awarded without competitive bidding.

- "Timken, with $3.8 billion in sales . . . paid no federal income taxes last year and in 2001. It will get more breaks under the corporate tax bill awaiting Bush's signature."

- "In 2002 and 2003, Timken received more than $92 million as a result of anti-dumping penalties on foreign steel makers. Though Congress, not the White House, was responsible for the law that gave Timken those payments, the president's tariffs on foreign steel paved the way and provided the money."

- Despite the tax breaks, contracts and subsidies, Timken is discussing closing three plants in Canton while buiding its fourth plant in China

- "In this election, company chairman W.R. "Tim" Timken Jr. has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Bush campaign."

As one of Kerry's economic advisors noted about Bush's connection to Timken, "It's not free markets, it's government subsidies for his corporate friends."


Blackwell: Gays and "barnyard logic"

If Sect. of State Ken "Failed-To-Do-His-Duty" Blackwell wasn't looking stupid enough for screwing up Ohio's voting procedures, his latest comments about Issue 1 will cement the case with all but the homophobes.

Sandy Theis in Plain Dealer has a story about an incident in Toledo Tuesday where Blackwell said that homosexuality "defies barnyard logic." In Theis's story, she interviewed Blackwell about the incident and he tried to backpedal and claim that he was only referring to gay marriage and not gay people.

Speaking of logic, that explaination makes absolutely no logical sense, and my sources say it was totally clear that Blackwell was referring to gay couples and gay sex in Toledo. And Theis's quotes from Blackwell expose Kenny for the liar that he is.

Here is part of her story:
The flap began Tuesday night when Blackwell told members of a Toledo-area church, "I don't know how many of you have a farming background, but I can tell you right now that notion [gay marriage] even defies barnyard logic . . . the barnyard knows better."

. . .

"I believe this issue is not about civil rights, but about a sacred right," he said in an interview. "One of the functions of marriage is for men and women to replenish the earth."

He used the barnyard analogy, he said, "because if you're on a farm and you want eggs to eat and little chickens to grow into big chickens, you need a rooster and a hen."

I think this is just one more reason why Kenny's political future is over.


Gallup gives Kerry 5 point lead in Buckeye State

The new USA Today/Gallup poll (yes, Gallup - even with all of its documented problems) finally shows Kerry moving ahead in Ohio. Gallup's polling of Likely Voters has been well-documented by others. The nice thing about this poll is that it shows both LVs and Registered Voters, but in both cases, Kerry has the margin, and with RVs its greater than the Margin of Error. Comparisons to Gallup's last Ohio poll (end of September) are in parentheses:

Registered Voters
Kerry - 50 (49)
Bush - 44 (46)
Other/Undecided - 5
MoE - 4%

Likely Voters
Kerry - 48 (47)
Bush - 47 (49)
Other/Undecided - 5 (4)
MoE - 4%

Bottom line: Bush is superglued at 47% and Kerry's support is trending upward.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Sinclair Friday protests scheduled

Via, protests are being held around the nation at each of Sinclairs stations Friday night at 8 pm. In Ohio, the locations are:

Cincinnati: WSTR 5177 Fishwick Drive Cincinnati OH 45216

Columbus: WSYX 1261 Dublin Road Columbus OH 43215

Dayton: WKEF 1731 Soldiers Home Road Dayton OH 45418

Time to come out and hit the bricks!

Also tomorrow, in Washington, supporters will (from a press release):
protest Sinclair’s revised attack ad format: A POW Story: Politics, Pressure and the Media, due to air Friday evening, by delivering to the White House 150,000 signatures demanding the halt of the hour-long attack ad along with a check symbolizing the $9,900,000 illegal in-kind contribution Sinclair is effectively making to the Bush campaign.


Rasmussen shows a dead heat

The Oct. 12-18 Rasmussen poll of Likely Voters shows a slight drop off in the margin of Bush leaving a numerical tie, compared to its Oct. 6 poll (in parenthesis):

Kerry - 47% (47)
Bush - 47% (49)
Undecided/Other - 5%
MoE - 2.2

Other issues of note:
- Bush favorobility rating dropped from 54% to 51%, but Kerry's also dropped, from 53% to 49%.
- Bush's Job Approval is currently at 51%. It was 53% before the debates began.
- 93% of Bush voters are "certain" they will vote for the President. That number hasn't changed for quite a while, but . . .
- 84% of Kerry voters are now "certain" they will vote for him. That's up from 79% from before the first debate.

This supports the MysterPollsters analysis using the "Incumbent Rule" that asserts that Bush's numbers are "frozen" at 47%, while Kerry's fluctuate as the undecideds slowly make up their mind - and these are going with Kerry.


ABC polls shows strength for Kerry, Issue 1 defeat

Yesterday we made some mention of the new ABC poll on Ohio, but failed to give the results. Shame on us, because there is lots of good data here. The poll was conducted Oct. 14-17 of 789 Likely Voters in Ohio but failed to give the results. Here they are:

Kerry - 50%
Bush - 47%
Undecided/Other - 3%
MoE - 3.5%

Independents split in favor of Kerry 52 percent to 44 percent. Union voters favor Kerry by 27 points. ABC notes that union voters made up 36 percent of the Ohio electorate in 2000.

Regarding issues, the poll showed the Economy was the biggest issue in Ohio, with nearly twice as much concern about the Economy over the next highest issue, terrorism. Here is the ranking:

Economy/Jobs -33%
Terrorism - 18
Iraq - 17
Health Care - 13
Education - 5
Other - 12

The are many other points that could be made, but what caught our eye is this: The poll also showed that the fight of Issue 1 in Ohio (that would ban gay marriage) is very tight at 48 for, 45 against.

This is a wonderful, remarkable turnaround. Early predictions had Issue 1 winning by a 2-to-1 margin. Now its a dead heat. Actually, the opposition to Issue 1 would be AHEAD if the moderate Republicans and business community had any guts. When Gov. Taft comes out against Issue 1, but only issues a press release and then runs off to Asia, it's called token support.

There seems to be no serious advertising effort against Issue 1, yet its a horse race.

We are ahead on Kerry, and Issue 1 can be defeated, too. It's time for Ohioans to start talking to their neighbors and media about how defeating Issue 1 is crucial to keeping Ohio in the 21st Century.


Sucking sound in Ohio? - That would Blackwell's career going down the drain

Headline in today's Dispatch: Judge blasts Blackwell.

That would U.S. District Judge James G. Carr who verbally smacked Secretary of State Kenny Blackwell for "failure to do his duty."

From the Dispatch:
U.S. District Judge James G. Carr in Toledo also suggested that Blackwell risked denying large numbers of Ohioans the right to vote on Nov. 2 and "apparently seeks to accomplish the same result in Ohio in 2004 that occurred in Florida in 2000."

. . .

"I cannot be confident . . . that Blackwell will, indeed, fulfill his obligation to this court, Ohio’s election officials, and Ohio’s voters," the judge wrote.

. . .

"The exigencies requiring the relief being ordered herein are due to the failure of [Blackwell] to fulfill his duty not only to this court. . . but more importantly, to his failure to do his duty as secretary of state to ensure that the election laws are upheld and enforced."

Blackwell response was to label Carr a "left-wing judge." Carr a left-winger? I don't think so. Smart? Probably. He graduated from Harvard law and taught at the Univ. of Toledo law school before serving for several years in the Lucas County prosecutor's office. In 1979, he became a U.S. Magistrate Judge in Toledo. He was appointed to the U.S. District Court in 1994 by Clinton, but that hardly makes him a lefty.

As we have pointed out in previous posts, the legal dispute is over the meaning of the term "jurisdiction." Provisional ballots aren't supposed to be supplied if a person is shows up to vote in the wrong "jurisdiction." Blackwell has tried to narrow the definition to mean precinct.

Carr, however, ruled that a jurisdiction is a county, paving the way for voters to have much broader access to provisional ballots that should be counted

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Spiegel - dizzy from Republican spin?

Brian at Cincinnati blog is exactly right. Lazy journalism at Gannett. The story, which ran in the Enquirer and probably elsewhere, concerns undeliverable voter cards sent to new registrants or those that changed their address.

Here's how reporter Jim Siegel starts out:
COLUMBUS - Thousands of cards mailed by county election boards to newly registered voters in Hamilton County and throughout the state are being returned because the people can't be found.

John Williams, director of the Hamilton County Board of Elections, said the situation indicates that there might not be as many new voters as some expect in a state deemed crucial in the presidential election.

Ohio Republican Party Chairman Robert Bennett on Tuesday said it's a result of statewide registration fraud conducted by independent groups that support Democratic candidates.

As Brian notes, it's all indirect quotes and GOP press release stuff. I know from other sources that Bennett spent Oct. 19 trying to divert attention from the Ohio Poll with this crap about voter fraud.

But let's deal with merits of Bennett's charges. First about 5,000 cards were returned. Is fraud a possibility? Yes. Is fraud a possible cause for a significant number of the returns (say, over 500)? Doubtful. Why? Because fraud is relatively easy to detect because of things like returned cards. The biggest cases of confirmed fraud have apparently occurred because of personal gain (pay in the ACORN Franklin County case and crack cocaine in Toledo) or dirty tricks (as in the Cleveland AFL-CIO case). In other words, there hasn't been one shred of evidence of planned, systematic efforts to illegally register anyone. Again, that's for the obvious reason that anyone trying that is going to get caught. That's the job of the Boards of Election.

So what else could it be. Here, I am going to draw on direct experience. I was in a position at one point to see a lot of completed voter registration forms. One thing I learned - a lot of Ohio adults handwriting looks like gibberish. I mentioned at the time how I pity the BOEs data entry staff. Now, I am sure these data people are damn good at figuring out what people meant to write as their name and address, but I know they have their limits. I also know they had to hire a lot of non-experienced temps to input the data as the number of new registration forms piled up. If 4,100 cards out of 63,000 were returned, my guess is that at least half of those were due to indecipherable applications.

Again continuing with my experience, I have been exposed to a lot of data processing projects. Input error is real. I once had a project that required clerical staff to input 5,000 email addresses. About 5% were input incorrectly. Email addresses, of course, are much more unforgiving of typos than street addresses. But my guess is that about a quarter of the returns would be due to typing errors.

Finally, there is the issue of moving. I know a person that does a postal mailing to a list of working Ohioans every 3 months. Even though this is a pretty stable group, they say the experience 2-5% "bad address" returns with each mailing. Why? Their testing shows it occurs for a variety of reasons, but mainly it occurs because people just move without leaving a forwarding address. My guess is that changed addresses account for most of the balance of the voter registration returns.

Concluding it's voter fraud is pure Republican spin. It's pure lousy journalism when there is no evidence demanded or examined to substantiate those charges.


MysteryPollster explains Ohio polling variances

Mark Blumenthal on his MysteryPollster blog has a great post with a very reasonable explanation of why the various Ohio polls are inconsistent. The brief summary of Mark's analysis of the polling disagreements: Its an illusion. They very much agree - on the level of support for Bush:
. . . on the four polls released today. . . George Bush's percentage is remarkably, almost impossibly consistent: 47%, 47%, 47, , 47% and 46%. All of the variation is between the Kerry, Nader and undecided. That is the incumbent rule in action.

Blumenthal explains the "Incumbent Rule" which he describes as
the notion that the most important number in a race featuring an incumbent is that candidate's percentage of the vote. This rule itself is not an immutable law of physics, of course, but it relies on sound theories of psychological decision-making. Voters know incumbents better. Their attitudes toward sitting Presidents are especially well defined and firmly held, and the first stage of their decision is whether to support the incumbent. Regarding George W. Bush, at this stage in the campaign, the first part of the decision has largely been made.

By contrast, challengers are less well known and attitudes toward them tend to be more in flux, even at the end of the campaign.

I can't do Blumenthal justice here. Read it for yourself.


Sinclair Columbus Advertisers List - updated

The following is a preliminary list of WSYX-TV and WTTE-TV (Sinclair Advertisers)
Please call and tell them you object to WSYX and Sinclair preempting regular programming to air anti-Kerry propaganda.

Also, don't forget to call Sinclair/WSYX directly.

(Thanks to dirtgirl at DailyKos for additions)

Local Advertisers

Harley Rouda, Jr.
77 East Nationwide Blvd
Columbus, OH 43215
614-459-7400 Office
614-457-6807 Fax

Elk & Elk (“Injury Lawyers”) - PULLED ADS - THANK THEM!!

Chesrown Pontiac-Buick-GMC - ADS PULLED ADS - THANK THEM!!

Homes That Click realtors - PULLED ADS - THANK THEM!!

Atlas Butler Heating and Cooling
619 Reynolds Ave
Columbus, OH 43201
Fax: 614.298.6977

3883 East Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43213
614-231-0200 (office)
614-456-2940 (fax)

Feazel Roofing

United Way

ITT Tech

Time Warner Cable/Road Runner
614-481-5389 (Public Affairs)

Competition Accessories

OSU Ross Heart Hospital

PepsiCola Bottling of Columbus

Columbus Kia Dealers
Hatfield's Kia - 614-465-0002; 1455 Auto Mall, Columbus, OH 43228
Chesrown Oldsmobile GMC Kia - 614-846-3040; 4675 Karl Rd, Columbus, OH 43229
Crown Kia - 614-652-6542; 6400 Perimeter Rd, Dublin, OH 43016
Kia Of Columbus -;

Geico Insurance
Urbana, OH office: 937-484-8911
Corporate Communications: 301-986-2812

Central Ohio Hyundai Dealers
Dennis Hyundai - 614-471-2900
Hatfield's Hyundai Subaru - 614-870-9559

Kenneth's Hair Salons and Day Spas

Coughlin Chevrolet Geo Toyota - 614-221-6505
Toyota West - 614-870-8200
Toyota Direct - 614-476-1979
Germain Toyota - 614-868-0300
Tansky's Toyota - 614-793-2080

The General Auto Insurance Company
The General Ohio Service Center
Suite 250
9700 Rockside Road
Valley View, Ohio 44125

Able Roofing
3034 Westerville Road
Columbus, Ohio 43224
Telephone 614/444-ROOF

Children's Academy
(614) 491-3270

E. M. Smith Jewelers

Baltimore House B&B
(740) 862-8623

Scott Schiff & Associates Attorneys

Plymale & Associates Attorneys

Ohio Health - McConnell Heart Center
614-544-5424 - Corporate Offices
614-566-5060 - Media Relations

Oak Expressions

National Advertiser

Os-Cal – Calcium Supplement
No information yet.

Campbell’s Soup
(Also does Pepperidge Farm, Prego, V8, and Spaghettios)
Douglas R. Conant
1 Campbell Place
Camden, NJ 08103-1701

American Family Insurance
American Family Insurance
6000 American Parkway
Madison, Wisconsin 53783-0001
(608) 249-2111

Sears Optical

Best Buy

SBC (Yahoo DSL)

Doug Mann (Personal Injury Lawyer)

Toyota of America - 1-800-GO-TOYOTA

Circuit City - local stores are (614) 471-7025 or (614) 760-5890; for the Senior Public Relations Representative for Ohio, call Kathie Hess at (804) 418-8298

Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaner - SC Johnson Corporate - 1.800.494.4855 or Public Relations at 262.260.3709 or 262.260.4402

Verizon Wireless - Midwest P.R. Manager David Clevenger 847-619-4291, Ohio P.R. Manager Laura Merritt 614-560-2605

Trans Dermal Pach Study


Two other Sinclair advertisers pulls out

Reader Nikore reports good news about one of the Columbus area advertisers:
I just called Elk and Elk, and I was informed (by a very annoyed receptionists) that they have pulled their advertisements.

Also, the DailyKos Sinclair board indicates that Homes That Click pulled their ads in Columbus several days ago.


Media Matters: CNN distorts Ohio poll results

Media Matters is on top of CNN's spinning poll numbers for Bush by emphasizing old Dispatch poll and ignore new data. See the link for summary and video clips.


Survey USA confirms Ohio Poll numbers

It increasingly looking like Zogby's most recent poll is an outlier. Survey USA's Oct. 19 poll of 698 Likely Voters is nearly identical to its Oct. 6 poll (in parenthesis) and to yesterday's Ohio Poll numbers:

Kerry - 49% (49%)
Bush - 47% (48%)
Other/Undecided - 3% (3%)
MoE - 3.8% (3.6%)

Also according to Survey USA:
Among Ohio Independent voters, Kerry leads by 9. Ohio Independents are voting 8 points more Democratic than the state as a whole.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Zogby/WSJ has a 3 point edge for Bush

Contraditions abound in the polling world!

Now we have Zogby's Oct. 19 poll of Likely Voters showing a 2.3% swing to Bush's favor compared to Oct. 6 poll results (in parentheses)

Kerry - 47.6 (49.1)
Bush - 50.6 (48.8)
Nader - .4 (.4)
MoE - 2.2 (2.3)


Sinclair starting to crack? Keep the pressure on

Josh Marshall has the scope on Sinclair status with showing "Stolen Honor", its stock prices, and the various legal actions against the company. In brief, Sinclair has backtracked - a little. Their stock is down, the investment analysts are pissed, advertisers are upset. New developments are happening each hour.

But, like a boxer against the ropes, Sinclair may be hoping that a little head fake here and a feint of weariness there will slow the attack. Wrong, it's time to be a winner and finish them off. Even if you have called advertisers before, now is the time to do it again.

Look on the sidebar to this column for links to the advertisers in the Ohio markets. Also go to the other Sinclair links for additional information.


Over 100 brave rain to protest outside Sinclair's Columbus affiliates

From the Dispatch:
About 100 backers of Sen. John Kerry protested in the rain last night against a local TV station’s plan to air an unflattering film about the presidential candidate.

Holding handmade signs and umbrellas, they stood in front of WSYX-TV (Channel 6), 1261 Dublin Rd., during rush hour.

Amid a steady downpour as temperatures approached the mid-40s, the group complained about Stolen Honor: The Wounds That Never Heal.

. . .

"Just think how many people we would have gotten if the weather was good," said John Burns, a Veterans for Kerry volunteer from Seattle.


Ohio poll gives 2 point margin to Kerry

The Enquirer has a story on the new "Ohio Poll" conducted by the Institute for Policy Research's at the University of Cincinnati poll taken Oct. 11-17. The poll was of 757 Likely Voters:

Kerry - 48%
Bush - 46%
Other - 1%
Unknown - 5%
MoE - 3.6%

This is a big, 13-point swing from September when they showed the race to be:

Kerry - 43%
Bush - 54%
Other - 2%
Unknown - 1
MoE - 3.6%

These numbers bring Kerry back to exactly where the Ohio Poll had him in August.

Interestingly, Kerry is tied with Bush in all age groups other than 18-29 where Kerry has an enormous 14 point lead.

Kerry also has a 50-47 margin among males and a 47-46 margin among females. He also enjoys a 55-26 advantage among independent voters.

Monday, October 18, 2004


Rasmussen shows same 2 point margin

We posted about the previous Rasmussen poll on Oct. 13. Rasmussen's new poll shows nothing has changed with:
Bush - 49.0%
Kerry - 47.0%

This was a subscriber-only poll so the size and type of respondent's pool is not known. Since the last was a Likely Voter pool, it's fair to assume that this one is, too.


Uh oh! Ballot problems already in Hamilton Co.

From the Cincinnati Post's (stepchild of the Enquirer) website:
Some absentee ballots distributed to Hamilton County voters do not include the name of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, local election officials confirmed today.

Because of a printing error -- limited, election officials believe, to only a few ballots in the Forest Park area -- absentee ballots recently mailed out exclude the Democratic presidential ticket of Kerry and his running mate, Sen. John Edwards.


Thanks to you we have gathered more than 107,000 signatures for our StopSinclair petition in less than one week. On Friday, we brought our interim petition to the headquarters of Sinclair Broadcast Group in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Today, we are asking for your help to make sure that Sinclair doesn't get away with misleading swing states voters.

To counter this $9.9 million dollar illegal campaign contribution from Sinclair Broadcasting Group to the Bush/Cheney campaign we will run full-page newspaper ads on Thursday and Friday to put the spotlight back on the Bush/Cheney record.

We need to raise $65,000 in the next 36 hours to do this.

It costs $8,900 to run a full-page ad in the Dayton Daily News. It costs $16,500 to run a full-page ad in the Columbus Dispatch. It will cost $65,000 to run full-page ads in all of the major daily papers in the six cities.

The bottom line is: we need to raise $65,000 in the next 36 hours. We need your help. Please contribute $50 today to defend John Kerry against Sinclair's slander.

Click here to contribute now:


Republican pollster has Kerry lead in Ohio

A few days ago we had a post about a story in the Boca Raton newspaper that indicated that the Republican polling firm Strategic Visions confessed that Kerry got a 5 point boost in Ohio from the last debate.

But, at the time, SV didn't release the exact numbers to the public. They still haven't, but thanks to Race, it's fairly easy to construct the numbers.

Race shows that SV's last public poll numbers in Ohio came from Oct. 11 that showed this:
Bush - 51%
Kerry - 43%
Nader - 1.0%
MoE - 3%
Not category of "other" or undecided was mentioned, but clearly must be about 5%.

Keeping Nader's numbers and the other/undecided numbers constant, a five point lift for Kerry looks like this:

Bush - 46%
Kerry - 48%
Nader - 1
Other/Undecided - 5%

I think it's fairly obvious why the new SV numbers haven't been released.

Sunday, October 17, 2004


Blade attacks Sinclair's "pollution"

The Blade hits just about every point about Sinclair Broadcasting. Here's a part:
The American television airwaves are about to be polluted once again by an abject piece of political propaganda aimed at Sen. John Kerry, this time in the form of a purported documentary about the Democratic presidential nominee's statements when he returned from the Vietnam War.

Like the lies spread by the "Swift Boat Veterans" in their anti-Kerry TV spots, the film "Stolen Honor: Wounds that never heal" is intended to distort Mr. Kerry's words, delivered back in 1971 to a U.S. Senate committee.


Well alright! Dayton Daily endorses Kerry

Read the whole editorial, but this gives you the flavor:
The nation confronts a failed presidency.

George W. Bush has done serious harm with his most important foreign and domestic thrusts, and he has managed this democracy all wrong.

John Kerry offers the fresh beginning the nation needs. He is greatly different in his view of the presidency. He has an incomparably more impressive biography, full of commitment, sacrifice and seriousness of purpose. By virtue of experience and ability, he is ready for the job.

. . .

John Kerry is a credible, prepared, likely choice for a nation that should expect more sophistication, more skill, less failure and more focus on the problems of the American mainstream than George W. Bush has offered.


Sinclair Cincinnati Advertisers List - updated

The following is a preliminary list of advertisers for WSTR-TV (Sinclair Broadcasting) that operates in the Cincinnati area.

WSTR's contact info is:
5177 Fishwick Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45216
Jeff Fosco

Please call the advertisers below and tell them you object to WSTR and Sinclair preempting regular programming to air anti-Kerry propaganda.

Cambridge Credit Counseling

Champion Windows

Cincinnati Toyota Dealers:
Beechmont Toyota - 513-388-3800
Joseph Toyota - 513-385-1800
Kings Toyota - 513-683-5440

Dawson Heatg & Air Conditioning

Donato's Pizza

Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin-Injury Lawyers

Furniture Row Outlet


ITT Technical Institute

Kid's Lil' Foot

King's Automall

L A Weight Loss Centers


Rally's Hamburgers

Sims Furniture


TK Construction

The Art Institute of Cincinnati

USS Nightmare-Newport KY

Value City Department Stores

Young, Reverman, & Mazzei, Attys at Law

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