Friday, February 18, 2005


Dean Baker's Columbus Social Security presentation to be aired

We are sorry we missed it, but we understand Dean Baker's presentation on Social Security at the Columbus Metropolitan Club was quite good.

Baker, and economist and co-director of the Center for Economic & Policy Research, apparently has a good handle on many of the myths and "bankruptcy" concerns the Bush team has ginned together to create the uber-myth that Social Security is in crisis. Even Paul Krugman gives a tip of his hat to Baker on the subject.

Kudos to the Metropolitan Club, the John Glenn Institute, the OSU School for Public Policy & Managment and Policy Matters Ohio for bringing Baker in.

The best part is that we understand that The Ohio Channel taped the presentation and will be airing it over various public TV channels in the very near future. No specific schedule has been posted, but they should have it up soon.

Incidentally, another co-director of the CEPR, Mark Weisbrot, is quoted in an excellent article from Knight-Ridder that recently ran in the Beacon Journal. Worth reading and probably makes the same points Baker presented.


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