Friday, February 25, 2005


Portman: No feeling in his brain?

From the Enquirer: Cincinnati-area Congressman Rob Portman finally confesses to the cause of his support for the Bush Social Security Phase Out plan:
The amount of information about Social Security can be mind-numbing.
Apparently his constituents are a little more clear-minded:
"If the administration does what they're planning on doing, I don't see how this will fix Social Security. This only increases the deficit."
- Emmett Stubbs, 56, Roselawn, Kroger employee

"I don't think privatized accounts is a good thing because there are people who won't invest wisely. So you'll end up with more ... poverty."
- Rita Pritchard, 39, Pleasant Ridge, accounts payable

"(Politicians) are just trying to sell us something we don't want. And if you keep shipping jobs overseas, the system is unsustainable, whatever they do."
- Phil Mullen, 63, Springboro, retired GM worker

"Privatization is a red herring. It's a way of tricking us into thinking people will control their own funds."
- Kim Stubbs, 48, Roselawn, nurse

(Note: We haven't engaged in selective inclusion of comments. The Enquirer's reporter apparently couldn't find any pro-phase out supporters to quote.)


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