Friday, February 25, 2005


Sherrod Brown gets crowd

U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown got a good (and anti-phase out crowd) at his town meeting. The Beacon-Journal reports that "100 area residents dragged themselves out of their houses on a cold winter night to attend a meeting about Social Security at the downtown Akron-Summit County Public Library."

But does writer Bob Dyer and his editors think that because he is labeled a "columnist" he should evade professional scrutiny? Really, his comment that "Brown is not exactly an impartial observer" should earn Dyer a place in the douche bag hall of fame. We, uh, seem to recall that it was Bush and the Republican Party that pushed the issue and made it partisan. If wanting the retain the most successful government program in recorded history makes you partisan, than apparently, in Bob's world, about 80% of the country is "impartial."

Further, can we count on Dyer now to apply his disclaimer to every politician that has a position on an issue? More importantly, where is Dyer's cynicism for the chicken-shit Republicans who are trying to lay low on the Social Security issue?


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