Friday, February 18, 2005


The Tiberi dilemma

We have received some comments that our assessment of Rep. Pat Tiberi's stand on phasing out Social Security was too kind. Indeed, as we noted earlier, Tiberi's stance does seem to slither like a beached eel.

He apparently has no specific criticism of the Bush plan, such as it is, but we also perceived that he had no desire to be anywhere near the cheerleading squad either.

The Dispatch's Jonathan Riskind, who works out of the paper's DC office, seems to agree with our view, at least as of Feb. 14, saying:
Some Ohio Republicans, including Sens. Mike DeWine and George V. Voinovich and Rep. Pat Tiberi of Columbus, have been skeptical about the feasibility of private accounts."
Now, the it's not like the Dispatch has been really been hounddogging the Ohio legislators on Social Security, but we expect that if Tiberi disagreed with Riskind's characterization he would have objected by now.


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