Saturday, March 05, 2005


Bush in Columbus Mar. 9

In what may be a small diversion from what Josh Marshall calls the Bamboozlepalooza tour Bush & Co. have been conducting on Social Security, it's been announced that the president will speak at Columbus's Battelle Institute on energy policy.

Perhaps this is just a different a Bamboozlepalooza to sell the benefits of new drilling over conservation, i.e., a big shout out for Alaskan drilling.

Now, it's hard to believe that this is not part of the grand 60-day, 60-city campaign to sell the phase out of Social Security, so we expect that Bush will also spend some time talking about Social Security. The temptation to hold a phony town meeting my be too much for Columbus area Congresswoman Deborah "Pollyanna" Pryce, who as chair of the House Republican Committee is one of the conductors of the pro-phase out choir. But the publicity on such an event would put Social Security hold outs like Pat Tiberi and Mike Turner in something of a bind. Or, maybe that's the idea.


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