Thursday, March 24, 2005


Dispatch garbles state business tax stance

The papers lastest editorial on changes to the business taxes is the print version of talking with marbles in your mouth - who knows wtf you just said.

The headline to the editorial says, "Plug the loopholes."

Okay, you think. Sounds like the Dispatch is joining the Policy Matters Ohio camp of calling for fixing the state's swiss cheese-like franchise tax rather than going with Taft's new Commercial Activities Tax.

Or maybe, you think, the paper thinks that fixing the franchise tax is an interim measure that would either buy time until consensus on the CAT is reached or would force CAT opponents to change their mind.

But, apparently, it's neither. No where in the body of the editorial does it make any call for patching the loopholes. As a matter of fact, it calls for full speed ahead for the CAT:

The leaders of the General Assembly, House Speaker Jon A. Husted and Senate President Bill
Harris, recently told The Dispatch editorial board that they are committed to passing the governor’s plan without substantial changes.

Ohio’s long-term financial and economic health will improve if they succeed.
So, is this just a big screw up or signs of some nuanced difference between Glenn Sheller and Ben Marrison on taxes?


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