Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Fifth Third hearts Toledo

Blade columnist Roberta De Boer chronicles the regional banks manipulations in Toledo and their ham-handed handling of layoffs (oops, consolidation):
Meanwhile, bank spokesman Karen Fraker said, "I'd call it a consolidation, not a layoff."

[. . . ]

One employee, recounting the Friday meeting with Mr. Lee, said the group was told "they'd known about [layoff plans] for a week, and that would have been before the council meeting."

Considering all the public debate about job retention, I asked Ms. Fraker why the bank didn't disclose the pending layoffs - er, consolidations.

Her circular answer left me dizzy.

"Because," she said, "this wasn't an issue when we were talking about saving jobs in downtown Toledo."

And why wasn't it? I asked.

"Because it hadn't been announced."

Unless Fifth Third announces something, it's not an issue?

(Hey, the bank STILL hasn't "announced" any of this - I called to confirm what workers said.)

"It just seems funny, their timing," said a laid-off worker. "I feel deceived. They said they were going to save all these jobs."

So, are any other downtown bank jobs at risk? Ms. Fraker's careful answer:

"Not that I'm aware of."


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