Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Gillmor plagiarises, elevated to phase-out supporter

We have to admit, U.S. Rep. Paul Gillmor had us fooled for awhile. Back in early February we had him pegged as having passed on the opportunity to jump on the Bush/Pryce/Santorum bandwagon to phase out Social Security.

But, Gillmor later posted one of his "Gillmor Bulletins" on his website entitled, "Gillmor Outlines Social Security Debate".

At first, his language sounded a little soft to us, using phrases like that "[personal accounts are] an idea that deserves serious consideration." Now, those that know Gillmor know that while he might be a wily politician, he is dumber than a box of nails. When we re-read "his" outline, we thought, there is no way Gillmor wrote that.

So we decided to do a little Googling on some of his phrases, and damned if it didn't turn out that ole' Pauly boy pilfered his little Congressional Report from elsewhere, lock, stock and barrel.

Where? Ah, that's the key! Back in January, U.S. Rep. Deborah Pryce and Sen. Rick Santorum, chairs of the House Republican and Senate Republican Conferences, respectively, sent out their own 42-page guidebook for legislators on how to couch their support for destroying Social Security in the kindest-possible terms. This guidebook is essentially a re-hashing of the Frank Luntz points, re-packaged for dolts like Gillmor.

Why, Pryce and Santorum are even nice enough to include a "Sample Constituent Letter" in their guidebook.

We're pretty sure they intended that their sample letter would give ideas legislators and their staff, and they probably assumed that no one was stupid enough to use their sample letter verbatim. Ms. Pryce and Mr. Santorum, meet Gaffe Gillmor. For crissakes, Paul, Pryce didn't even use the letter on her own web page. And, if our Googling skills are any good, it appears that Gillmor was the only legislator who took the guidebook literally.

The end result of all this is that Gillmor has been exposed and is now solidly enshrined in the "Will Say Whatever It Takes to Defend the Phase Out Caucus."


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