Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Libertarian Lima rag holding Social Security forum

Some time in the next few days the Lima News apparently will be holding some sort of "forum" on Social Security. Exactly what kind of get together this will be is uncertain. We expect that it's not open to the public and will be populated with people the newspaper has selected to "represent" the community, plus a guest appearance by Congressman Mike Oxley:
The Lima News will be holding a community roundtable discussion with Oxley. We’re inviting in a diverse group of representatives from small business, manufacturing, education, labor and agriculture to share their viewpoints about the Bush plan. A story from the session will be published March 13.
The Lima News is owned by the Freedom Communications Inc., known for its ownership of the Orange County (California) register and its far right/libertarian views (by their own admittance). This is not going to be treated as just another news story, and as shown by the Cato Institute plotting, libertarians are out to kill Social Security, the Lima News is going to have its own agenda.

As we have noted, Oxley is avoiding real, public town meetings in his district and the Lima News event just provides more cover for him. Hopefully one of the "representative from small business, manufacturing, education, labor and agriculture" will have the balls to ask two questions of Oxley:
  1. What in the hell does carving out private accounts have to do with strengthening Social Security for future generations
  2. How can anyone believe Mike Oxley will act in his constituents best interests when he acccepts hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from firms that stand to reap enormous gains from the private accounts?
[UPDATE: We have heard from a reader that the "roundtable" happened yesterday, March 7. They confirmed that coverage of the session will be in Sunday's paper (March 13)]


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