Friday, March 18, 2005


More on the "lite" version of the Blackwell amendment

From Sandy Theis at the Plain Dealer:
Those leading Republicans have been meeting privately and appear to be moving closer to proposing their own spending limit amendment. [Senate President Bill] Harris, the only one who'd previously opposed such an amendment, is now predicting that one will show up on the Nov. 8 ballot and that he will have helped put it there.

Part of his apparent about-face stems from private polls showing that voters support Blackwell's plan by more than 2 to 1. With that sort of head start, opponents know the measure would be difficult - and expensive - to beat.

Reinforcing their belief is Blackwell's announcement that he has $1 million in commitments to help ensure that it passes. No opponent has stepped forward with a plan to raise the millions more needed to make sure it does not.
Now, we have a few problems with Theis's last paragraph above. First, shouldn't Theis at least be asking where Blackwell's money is coming from? He probably wouldn't answer at this point, but she could at least make him refuse to say.

The other problem we have is her suggestion that no one has a plan to raise millions to fight Blackwell. In fact, it's common knowledge around Ohio that groups are actively seeking pledges to wage a multi-million dollar campaign against Blackwell and that these groups are doing quite well with obtaining their pledges. Yes, it is true that no one is doing this in public. But a few calls around Columbus would have confirmed that there will be one helluva fight against either Blackwell or Blackwell "lite."


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