Sunday, March 06, 2005


Odd byline for Bush visit story

As we noted yesterday, Bush is to visit the Battelle Institute in Columbus March 9. One thing we failed to mention is that the story was filed by a Brittany Lawonn "for the Columbus Dispatch."

Googling indicates that Ms. Lawonn is the editor of Boston University's Free Press. Maybe she is interning with the Dispatch's Washington bureau, but the Dispatch, as far as we know, always just indicates the reporter is an intern.

Either way, it strikes us as strange and to significant (protocol wise) of a story for either the White House to go thru or the Dispatch to use an intern or stringer. Does that mean Jonathan "I am a loud and proud member of the David Goodman family" Riskind or Jack Torry got scooped on their own turf?

[UPDATE:] Sunday's print version of the Dispatch oddly contains no Jonathan Riskind bylines and the paper's weekly roundup of Washington clips ("D.C. Dispatches") is "Compiled by Brittanny Lawonn and Jack Torry of the Dispatch Washington Bureau." So maybe she is an intern. It's unusual though that, as chief of the bureau, Riskind wouldn't have a story in a Sunday paper. Maybe just a case of someone on vacation and a new intern starting out. Then again, maybe not.


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