Sunday, March 06, 2005


Oxley: quiet on Social Security in Ohio but not in DC

From the Ripon Society, a moderate Republican group, we learn that Finlay-area Ohio Congressman Oxley will be speaking on Social Security Reform at the DC group's first-ever 'Bully Pulpit' series on Tuesday, March 8, at the Capitol Hill Club.
In his speech, entitled "Nothing to Fear: The New Face of Retirement Savings," Oxley will react to President Bush's proposal to add an individual account option to Social Security. He will discuss how more Americans are taking control of their retirement and the initiatives the committee is taking to promote responsible investing and financial literacy.
Oxley is clearly a coward and someone who is willing to climb the Bully Pulpit in DC but not so bold out in the Ohio hustings. It would seem that, for example, his recent schedule omits any discussion of Social Security, despite his apparent reputation in DC as being quite the expert:
March 7: Will meet with Allen County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Response Director Russ Decker ; visit the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center; attend a ceremony honoring Ohioan killed in Iraq; announce grant at Ohio Northern University.

March 3: Met with President Bush to discuss Social Security reform.

Feb. 28: Spoke at Allen East High School about the U.S. Constitution, the role of a congressman, and the importance of young people participating in the political process; held press event at Lima’s Joint Systems Manufacturing Center; met with members of Rolling Thunder and accepted a POW/MIA flag; met with OSU Lima students to discuss his work in Congress (no mention of Social Security according to the Lima News); dedicated new Information Technology building at Rhodes State College.

Feb. 5: Spoke at local Knights of Columbus.
That, ladies and gentlemen, appears to be the total listing of Oxley appearances and speeches in his district in 2005.

Did you notice a pattern of being willing to talk shit about Social Security in Washington, but not in northwest Ohio? Good - we thought you would. We will have more on our theory on this.


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