Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Pat Dewine soft on Social Security

Cincinnati blog continues to do a good job of tracking the various candidates to replace Rob Portman in Congress and the controversies that swirl around them. Apparently, if Pat DeWine (is it Dewine or DeWine??) wants to run on family values, it will be with limp because of his affair with a lobbyist.

Interesting enough, but what caught our eye in an Enquirer profile of DeWine is he bamboozlelicious position on Social Security:
DeWine took a swipe at an issue that could be big for everyone: Social Security. Older folks' plans shouldn't change, DeWine said, but he supports President Bush's proposal to give younger workers options for investing part of their payments.
Now, his dad, U.S. Senator Mike DeWine is pretty well known as opposing the Bush administration proposal. We've documented some of it here, and Social Security maven Josh Marshall puts him in the opposition camp, too.

Dad has had to have explain to Pat that even the White House admits that the private investments do nothing to improve the risks and potential solvency problems of the current Social Security set up. So, it's puzzling that Pat is spewing garbage that any competent reporter or Democratic opponent could easily catch him on. We have to imagine that if he hopes to get the support of the GOP Congressional money handlers, the word is out that he better do a better job of tiptoeing around the issue than his father has.

With the polls showing the Republicans lose on this topic, there is an enormous opening for a Democrat to beat their opponents to death with the Social Security issue. Will there be any serious takers?


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