Wednesday, March 23, 2005


The Petro/Heimlich team

Cincinnati blog has been doing some good coverage here and here of the jostling among Republicans to replace Rob Portman. Until yesterday, it seemed that the blog gave former Cincinnati councilman/first term as Hamilton County commissioner Phil Heimlich the edge. Potential contender State Rep. Tom Brinkman even endorsed him.

But yesterday's announcement that Heimlich would be Jim Petro's lieutenant governor and running mate seems to put his campaign for congress on hold

The blog also has more information here about how Heimlich's reputation and decision affects Kenny Blackwell and the outrage from the right wing fringe elements of the Republican party.

As the Enquirer notes, this is pretty early for a gubernatorial candidate to be announcing a running mate, so there has got to be more to the story than this . . . such as lining up someone else for congress. Seems far fetched to us, but another Cincinnati blog seems to be taking radio personality Bill Cunningham seriously.


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