Saturday, March 05, 2005


Republicans starting to rebel against Norquist

Kevin Drum alerts readers to a new story in the Washington Monthly, Is Grover Over?, which suggest that there is beginning to be a backlash against Grover Norquist and allies (think Kenny Blackwell) by both conservative and moderate Republican state government officials.
Business is the chisel driving a crack between moderate Republicans and the anti-tax fanatics.
Although there is no group in Washington more loyal to the GOP's anti-tax doctrine than the Chamber of Commerce, in the states, reality often trumps ideology.

“For businesses to be successful, you need roads and you need higher education, both of which have gotten worse under TABOR and will continue to get worse,” says Tom Clark of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, who notes that higher education has shrunk from 25 percent of the state budget in 1995 to about 10 percent today. “I'm a Republican,” Clark says, “but I made the decision not to give any money to the state party.”
TABOR? You never heard of TABOR? Ohioans will soon, and we'll explain what it's all about in subsequent posts. Go read the article for now!


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