Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Schwab Social Security self interest to be targetted March 31 and April 1

The Ohio AFL-CIO and others are organizing protests at four Charles Schwab office in Ohio on March 31 and April 1 as part of a the unions' national day of action around Social Security:
Working families and groups concerned about retirement security will gather to demand that the Wall Street brokerage firm Charles Schwab withdraw its support for Bush's risky plan to privatize Social Security. Privatization would mean huge benefit cuts and enormous new government debt, and it would worsen the finances of Social Security.

The Charles Schwab Corp. is a major backer of the push to privatize Social Security accounts because it is well positioned to make huge profits managing private accounts. Schwab's support for privatization is a conflict of interest with the retirement security of its clients who have entrusted their savings with the firm.

Across the country, unite to tell Schwab: "Don't Pick Our Pockets to Line Yours!"

WHERE: Charles Schwab Office, 277 W. Nationwide Blvd., Columbus
WHEN: Thursday, March 31st, at Noon
INFO: Call Bret Benack at 614-886-1757

WHERE: Charles Schwab Office, 685 Lyon Road, Dayton
WHEN: Thursday, March 31st, at Noon
INFO: Call Leslie Smith at 937-259-9814

WHERE: Charles Schwab Office, 600 Vine St., Cincinnati
WHEN: Thursday, March 31st, at Noon
INFO: Call Alyson Steele at 513-421-1846

WHERE: Charles Schwab Office, 2211 Crocker Road, Suite 100, Westlake
WHEN: Friday, April 1, at Noon
INFO: Call John Gallo at 216-881-7200

Look, if you haven't got off your ass since last November, it's time to haul your depressed little carcus back on to the streets. People in Columbus have no excuse. Be there at noon!


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