Thursday, March 03, 2005


Whither Mike Turner?

Josh Marshall puts Dayton-area Congressman Mike Turner in the group of Republicans opposing the phase out of Social Security. Marshall calls this group the Conscience Caucus. (We have to admit we stole the idea of categorizing Ohio legislators on the Social Security issue from Josh).

Turner has been pretty silent on the matter of Social Security, however Josh hangs his hat on a story from Dayton Daily News columnist Martin Gottlieb. We had much difficulty retrieving the story from the DDN archive, but it is available via Google's cache. Here is the key section from Gottlieb:
Meanwhile, though, Republicans are worried about losing election in states that aren't so Republican. And nothing seems to scare them more than Social Security.

The major deviation that Dayton Republican Mike Turner made from party orthodoxy when he first ran for Congress in 2002 was to oppose the president on Social Security. He was running in a district that could conceivably go Democratic. And he presumably thought hard about what might cause it do that.
We are still not so sure about Turner, however, and we are trying to get a constituent to get the skinny on his position. In the meantime, we acknowledge that Marshall has pretty good instincts on this stuff and we'll defer to his designation for the time being.


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