Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Disagreement among LA Times reporters on Bush tactics

In our previous post we dismissed yesterday's LA Times story by Janet Hook, that there is a "softer" more-open-to-questioning Bush, as utter spin whose source was a self-serving White House.

Apparently, one of Hook's colleagues also disagrees with her take. Ronald Brownstein today has a story on the growing acrimony between GOP moderates in the White House describing Bush's efforts to get GOP legislators in line as "intense clashes."
Yet more turbulence within the party was the last thing most Republicans expected after they expanded their House and Senate majorities in last year's election.

The signs of insurrection have reached a point where some conservatives believe the White House must confront the dissenting voices more forcefully — especially as some Republicans' doubts about Bolton threaten the administration with its first defeat on a top-tier executive branch appointment.

"If the moderates take down Bolton … then you are really starting to get into threatening the party's ability to govern," said Jeff Bell, a veteran conservative strategist. "I think Bush has to call the moderates' bluff in some way."

[. . . ]

But on several fronts — such as restructuring Social Security, limiting federal spending and nominating the unwavering conservative Bolton for the U.N. — Bush is pushing moderates to the limits of their political and philosophical comfort levels.
Doesn't sound like Bush is "Getting Personal" to us.


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