Thursday, April 21, 2005


Dispatch continues to coddle Bob Ney

What up with the Dispatch's editors, the paper's Washington bureau and Bob Ney?

A while back we noted Jon Riskind's undeserved kindness to Ney, and was hiding details of a Senate Finance Committee investigation. We also noted that others are noting that Ohio newspapers are dodging this story.

On Sunday, Riskind, now apparently serving as chair of the Ney fan club, starts off with this lede and goes down hill:
Rep. Bob Ney is eager to talk to the House ethics committee. But in another example of what's wrong with Congress, there effectively isn't an ethics committee.
Wrong with Congress? How about wrong with the GOP, Jonny-boy? You know, there is universal agreement everywhere except in the halls of the RNC, Fox News and the IEB studios as to who cut the balls off the Ethics Committee, changing the rules to protect Tom Delay and his hyenas like Ney.

Riskind continues:
From Ney's point of view, he's been unfairly dragged into the Abramoff scandal. And, despite numerous news stories noting that the investigations into Abramoff by federal agencies and the Senate Indian Affairs and Finance committees include looking at Ney's Scotland trip, no new information about the trip and Ney's involvement has emerged.
Jon - did you believe him? Did you do any checking. Apparently not because Newsday yesterday scooped the Dispatch with a report that says:
Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, held a campaign fundraiser at a Washington Wizards basketball game two years ago but failed to report the use of a $1,500 luxury suite leased to an Indian tribe, according to amended campaign finance reports filed this week.
The event at the MCI Center in downtown Washington was hosted by the Morongo Band of Mission Indians of Banning, Calif., which operates a casino, resort and spa near Palm Springs.
Now Ney is denying that Abramoff was involved, and maybe so. But, hmm. . . isn't Abramoff accused of being involved in a scam involving a couple of Indian tribes and casinos? Jonny-boy - how many times are you going to get embarrassed by falling for the spin by the douche-bags in DC?

But the kid-glove approach for Ney at the Dispatch seems to go beyond Riskind. Compare the placement of two stories today. The Dispatch buries the Newsday story on Ney's new problems on page C6, but puts in the "A" section is "DeLay given use of skybox." Go figure.

On a national scale, Ney is effectively Tom Delay's version of mini-me. But he IS Ohio's version of DeLay, and deserves scrutiny instead of blown kisses from star-struck reporters.


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