Saturday, April 23, 2005


Hey Riskind - How 'bout sharing the byline?

We suppose that we should be flattered, but the Dispatch's resident DC sloth (with apologies to the real sloths of the world) Jon Riskind has reached new lows of laziness when he resorts to stealing something we posted two days ago about Bob Ney being targeted by the DCCC for 2006 - with no credit to us. He also doesn't give any credit to The Hill, whom we at least had the decency to credit them and provide a link to the story.

We should also note that when we do lift from a story, we tell readers - and we don't make a living at it. We also try to be upfront that one of our goals is to find interesting stories about Ohio-related issues in other media that don't get coverage by the mainstream Ohio media.

Seriously, we are more than a little pissed off. Since we choose to continue to be anonymous at this point, there's not much we can do except expose what a worthless fuck Riskind is.

But Jon - don't you know that some of the higher-ups at the Dispatch read this blog, too? How ya' going to explain it to them?


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