Friday, April 15, 2005


How Ohio's reps voted on ethic panel bill

Given all the DeLay stuff, a proposal arose yesterday to create a “bi-partisan task force with equal representation of the majority and minority parties to make recommendations to restore public confidence in the ethics process.” (H.Res. 213)

Okay, that seems like God, country and Circleville pumpkin pie.

But not when DeLay is giving the evil eye to those moderate GOPers who are wavering. Nope, the Republicans tabled the idea 218-195.

But, the silver lining is that the Ohio Dems finally stayed together on this one.
For tabling the ethics task force proposal
Boehner (R)
Chabot (R)
Hobson (R)
LaTourette (R)
Ney (R)
Porman (R)
Pryce (R)
Regula (R)
Tiberi (R)
Turner (R)

Gillmor (R)
Oxley (R)

Against tabling
Brown (D)
Tubbs-Jones (D)
Kaptur (D)
Kucinich (D)
Ryan (D)
Strickland (D)

[UPDATE] - Al Franken's blog has more about the arm twisting behind the vote.


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