Thursday, April 14, 2005


How Ohio's reps voted on "Millionaire's Kids Tax"

Not enough money to shore up the Social Security Trust Fund. Not enough money for body and vehicle armor for our troops. Not enough money to fund state unemployment services.

But enought money to make sure Paris Hilton is taken care of. Sheesh.

Yesterday the U.S. House voted 272-162 on Wednesday in favor of HB 8 that repeals the federal estate tax in 2010 and beyond. (An alternative proposed by the Dems that would have increased the exemption, starting in 2006, to $3 million for an individual and $6 million for a couple was rejected 238-194.

Here's how Ohio's congressmen and women voted. Can someone that knows him better please explain Tim Ryan's vote?):
For eliminating the tax
Boehner (R)
Chabot (R)
Hobson (R)
LaTourette (R)
Ney (R)
Oxley (R)
Porman (R)
Pryce (R)
Regula (R)
Ryan (D)
Tiberi (R)
Turner (R)

Gillmor (R)

Brown (D)
Tubbs-Jones (D)
Kaptur (D)
Kucinich (D)
Strickland (D)


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