Saturday, April 30, 2005


Kerry or Bush: Who was right about Social Security

Riffiing off a post at Kos, we went back to the Dispatch's coverage of Kerry's Oct. 17 speech in Columbus to a church group to check the record. Pretty amazing:
. . . Democratic challenger Sen. John Kerry yesterday charged that if President Bush is re-elected, he plans a "January surprise" to overhaul Social Security in a way that would be a "disaster for America’s middle class."

[. . .]

Kerry based his new accusations on a New York Times Magazine article by Ron Suskind, author of the book, The Price of Loyalty: George W. Bush, the White House and the Education of Paul O’Neill. In yesterday’s article, Suskind quoted Bush as telling supporters, "I’m going to come out strong after my swearing in with fundamental tax reform, tort reform, privatizing of Social Security."

Kevin Madden, a spokesman for the Bush campaign, disputed the accuracy of the Times article, saying that Bush "has never used the word privatization. The Kerry campaign is taking offhand, third-hand, made-up quotes from Ron Suskind to scare seniors. "John Kerry’s misleading senior scare tactics is just another example of a candidate who will say anything to get elected, no matter how false his accusation or how contradictory they are with his record of repeatedly voting for higher taxes on Social Security," Madden said.
Then there were these headlines Friday:

Uh, doesn't that make the Bush campaign liars? Not that anyone is shocked, but assuming they have respect for their own reporting, shouldn't this be something some of the Ohio editors revisit?


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