Tuesday, April 26, 2005


LaTourette story doesn't ring true

Yesterday's LA Times had a article about Bush having personal meetings with House Republicans to build up support for his Social Security phase-out. The point of the article seemed to be that instead of being the "bad-guy" strong arming Bush, he's really been the empathetic "good-guy" Bush more willing to listen than to haranguing .

Typical of the tail that unnamed sources spin is this about NE Ohio Congressman Steve LaTourette:
In some one-on-one sessions where lawmakers expect to be lobbied, Bush remains mum. LaTourette, who has been lukewarm on the individual investment accounts, expected the issue to come up when he helicoptered with Bush to a Social Security event in Ohio.

But Bush talked about baseball instead, naming almost the entire starting lineup for the Cleveland Indians for the 1954 World Series.
Notice, first, that LaTourette himself is not mentioned as the source of this anecdote although he is quote above. Hmm . . . who else might have been on the helicopter?

As much as we'd like to believe that Bush has an easy going side, the picture of Bush that gets painted of Bush in this piece is flat out unbelievable and sounds to us like a calculated effort to soften the personal damage to Bush for an issue that he and his minions are heavily invested in. Bush and/or Rove do not back down and they take no prisoners. But they do try to control how the press portrays their efforts, and we believe this is one of those spin efforts.


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