Monday, April 04, 2005


Ohio version of "Terry's law"?

Mark Adams warns that the theocon wing of the Ohio Republican Party has Schiavo II in the works via a bill that require that when an individual left no clear instructions or living will, guardianship would have to go to a person willing to keep them alive. So much for the sanctity of marriage.

Mark makes good points, but from a strategic point of view we say, "Bring it on." While it takes an organized Democratic party to take advantage of the opportunity and frame the debate, there is a growing number of observers who believe that the whole Schiavo affair is a turning point for the public's honeymoon with conservatism.

We believe the majority of Americans 1) want government to stay out of this personnel matter, 2) believe the spouse should continue to receive preference in making determinations of medical matters, and 3) don't want opportunists to hypocritically force one set of rules on the public while enjoying a different set of rules in their private life (a la Delay).


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