Monday, April 25, 2005


Plain Dealer speculates on DeLay replacement

One of the PD's Washington reporters, Sabrina Eaton, suggests that if DeLay is out, then southwest Ohio congressman John Boehner is in as House majority leader.

Her story reinforces the point we made over a month ago - that Columbus-area congresswoman and chair of the House GOPers Deborah Pryce is probably out of contention. Eaton gets a sly dig in on Pryce by noting that the House Chair is responsible for "crafting the party's message and promoting it to voters." Recent events make it pretty clear that the messaging efforts on Social Security, Terry Schiavo and judges, however, have not exactly been the highwater mark in Pryce's career.

Pryce also has been somewhat of a disappointment in fundraising. Boehner's PAC reportedly raised $1.5 million. Eaton reports that Pryce has raised only $867,000.

Pryce is known to be negotiating for a major committee chair position as the price for stepping down as chair. Her opening position is that she was to be chair of the House Financial Services Committee, but she would have to bump out Mike Oxley, and he isn't going to let that happen without a fight. We still think she is going to settle for less. Nevertheless, she is trying to keep a poker face on:
Pryce spokesman John McClelland said she is happy in her current post and has no plans to move. "All this is speculation," McClelland said.


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