Friday, April 22, 2005


Pryce: Hypocrite or stupid?

Dear Congresswoman Pryce:

We recently received one of those smarmy email newsletters you send out each week.

This week, you had the gall to lecture us on the benefits of saving for retirement (versus depending on the pension we used to be able to earn before it became SOP for the board of directors to loot its assets).

But we soon had milk blowing out our nose when we got to the part where you stooped to lecture us on budgeting:
Many of our children-America's future retirees-are unable to balance a check book or have no insight into the basic survival principles involved with earning, spending, saving, and investing. This inadequate knowledge of personal financial affairs is a danger to individuals' pocket books and to the economy as a whole. It's time we exercise some financial responsibility and teach our children the value of money. Just think of the benefits to the American economy if our citizens become financially literate. If all Americans made some small investment in our economy! the growth would be astounding, creating more opportunities for our society as a whole.
You gotta lotta fucking gall, Congresswoman. As Chair of the House Republicans, didn't you corral your fellow Repubs in Congress to trash the federal check book and create the largest deficit in US history?

We'ren't you the one who helped organized them to forget financial responsibility in favor of a politically expedient war?

We'ren't you the one that co-authored the financially ILLITERATE political handbook with Rick Santorum that had the one-and-only purpose of teaching your fellow GOPers to bamboozle our friends and neighbors into letting you phase our fine Social Security system - which would have left many of us literally penniless at retirement?

And investments? You clearly have no idea of how bad the economy is in Ohio and you wouldn't know a real investments if it walked up and spit a tobacco wad in your face.

Given this display of ignorance, its kind of ironic that we hear that finance committee chair you have been yearning for might be too much of a stretch for someone as sharp as you.

We suspect your credibility among your constituents money issues is as shot as your leadership aspirations.

Hoping your days in Congress are over soon,

- Hypothetically Speaking


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