Friday, April 15, 2005


Republicans sell out Ohioans on bankruptcy bill

Yesterday the House passed the bill to limit access to bankruptcy protection, S 256, by a vote of 302 to 126, with 73 Democrats voting for the bill.

It looks like Tim Ryan got pulled his "estate taxed" head out of his ass in time to get on the right side of this bill. And Gillmor is still a non-vote.

But WTF with Strickland's "for" vote? The median family income in his district of $32,888, the second lowest of all of Ohio's congressional districts. When you are still thinking about a run for governor, that counts as a stumble.

For the bankruptcy changes:
Boehner (R)
Chabot (R)
Hobson (R)
LaTourette (R)
Ney (R)
Oxley (R)
Porman (R)
Pryce (R)
Regula (R)
Strickland (D)
Tiberi (R)
Turner (R)

Gillmor (R)

Brown (D)
Tubbs-Jones (D)
Kaptur (D)
Kucinich (D)
Ryan (D)


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