Sunday, April 24, 2005


Social Security town meeting sounds great

We understand that the Columbus Social Security town meeting was a success, and a reader sent the picture below of Nancy Mathis speaking before 250+ people including (l-r) Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman, Karen Cogley, Mathis, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Marguerite Weibel, Sen. John Glenn.

We understand that Mathis, along with Cogley and Weibel, had the audience in tears at times describing how Social Security had helped them and their family members recover and survive after various tragedies had struck.

We had to laugh at this from the Dispatch story on the meeting:
Jo Ann Davidson, who cochairs the Republican National Committee, said Democrats were using scare tactics, including mislabeling Bush’s plan as a privatization of Social Security.
As Davidson knows - and Joe Hallett should know - it was the Republicans who coined the privatization label and later dropped it when their polls and focus groups showed the word "privatization" was actually hurting Bush.


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