Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Targeting Ohio's DC delegation

We are starting to learn more about the Bush visit to Kirtland this Friday. Rather, we are starting to learn more about one of the groups organizing to defeat Bush's privatization proposal. Ohio United to Protect Social Security, the newly-created affiliate of Americans United to Protect Social Security, said today that it has a:
. . . goal of persuading Ohio’s congressional delegation to oppose the Bush plan – with an intense focus in the next two weeks on President Bush’s visit to Ohio on Friday and the upcoming U.S. Senate Finance Committee Hearings in Washington on April 26th.

[. . . ]

The group said it will reach out to undecided members of Ohio’s congressional delegation across the state and ask them to pledge to protect Social Security’s guarantee. Many have yet to take a public position on the President’s privatization scheme.
Besides rallying opposition to Bush on the April 15, OUPSS says it is going to conduct a petition drive and at some point release a report on the impact of privatization on benefits. We expect the Ohio report to look like the one they prepared for Iowa.

Tom Powell-Bullock and Kate Evans are working on the OUPSS effort. They are described as veteran Ohio campaign operatives both having worked on the Ohio Victory 2004, which, as we recall, was the name for the Kerry campaign in Ohio.

Warning: the AUPSS web site seems to be pretty quirky. We couldn't get the email sign-up mechanism to work and the above-mentioned report on Iowa is dated April 29.


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