Friday, April 08, 2005


We guess Deb Pryce is speaking of her own financial literacy issues

"Our citizens do not possess a working knowledge of financial basics."

That's Congresswoman Deborah Pryce speaking on the floor of the House this week on the goals and of ideals of April being Financial Literacy Month. (And we thought April was just Time for Scumbags to Visit Ohio Month).

But, gee, wasn't it just a few weeks ago when Pryce wrote on her web site, "We need to permanently strengthen Social Security without raising payroll taxes and without changing Social Security for today's retirees and near retirees."?

We always found that the tradition among the ambitious is that those who could pass the economic courses went on to get their MBAs and those that couldn't went on to get their JDs. What's your experience, Deb?


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