Friday, April 22, 2005


The week that was

This week is turning out to be the motherlode of major emerging news stories, and we haven't had time to blog on most of them. The best we can do is to highlight them and promise to return to these topics ASAP.

The first is the announcement that some labor groups, backed by a broader coalition, are putting together a three-part constitutional amendment effort that could create a tidal wave of political change that we think will be nearly impossible for any politician to oppose. The amendments apparently would:
We had been hearing for several months that such an effort was in the works, so we're glad that something is now moving forward. Nearly 330,000 signatures have to be gathered by late summer.

Now on to a second item. The Coalition for Ohio's Future held its first news conference to announce its campaign to defeat Kenny Blackwell's proposal that we like to call the Last In Everything Amendment. The Coalition, which appeared to be very broad with hints of even Republican support, promised to mount a multi-million dollar campaign to defeat the measure. We have already had several posts about how the LIE Amendment would slowly strangle government, undermine education and health care and sap the ability of public agencies to invest in roads, schools and other essential infrastructure development. Paul has more info on the news conference here.

Related to this is the news this week that Coloradans are probably going to dump or signficantly alter a similar measure. Colorado is the only other state that has implemented a state constitutional government spending limit, which it did in 1992. The results of this experiment has been a disaster, and now even its Republican one-time supports admit that the measure has been a failure and wreaked much damage on the state's educational system.

And, let see, what else?
There is John Edwards speaking in Columbus on Saturday.
There is Sen. Harry Reid and others holding a big town meeting on Social Security.
There was Karl Rove speaking in Ashland last night.
There is Bob Ney trying to increase political campaign spending.
And there is starting to be a few more details emerging about the Rod Parsley/Ann Coulter/Alan Keyes/Kenny Blackwell American Taliban Festival last weekend. (Warning, the author is actually a drooling fan of Blackwell.)
So many stories, so little time.


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