Monday, May 16, 2005


Buckeye Institute: It's not like Colorado - and so what if it is?

We wish the proponents of Blackwell's "Last In Everything" constitutional amendment would make up their minds.

First, they make themselves be verbal contortionists in order to deny that the Ohio amendment has anything in common with the one that's been destroying Colorado. Here's a brief reminder for the 4/20/05 Plain Dealer:
Blackwell called a hasty news conference Tuesday to debunk his critics . .

The Ohio proposal is substantially different from Colorado's, he said.
Now, in an apparent 180-degree message shift, Blackwell and his buddies at the Buckeye Institute have decided to bring in former Colorado Senate President John Andrews for a presser at the Statehouse tomorrow. Andrews is supposed to talk about how great things are there.

(Note to reporters: Shouldn't the fact that Andrews now makes his living pushing concepts like these amendments at the Claremont Institute, a radical rightwing group of the Buckeye Institute mold, automatically suggest that his opinions are, uh, worthless?)

Actually, we like the idea that they are bringing in Andrews. We hope they bring a whole string of Colorado supporters of the amendment over the next few months. It means that amendment supporters are losing the framing battle on this issue.

It reminds us of the old "Don't Think of an Elephant" psychology lesson that George Lakoff teaches. All you can think of is an elephant. It's like Richard Nixon saying he isn't a crook. Worked great for him.

So, please, pretty please, Buckeye Institute - keep reminding everyone that when they hear of the Ohio amendment, they should think of Colorado, where only the diehard wingnuts still apologize for the amendment.


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