Friday, May 27, 2005


Conrad gone - others to follow

As we predicted on several earlier occasions, Coingate has now caught up with Jim Conrad.

It's a sad end to one of the state's better administrators. But Conrad though he could slide his way through this controversy with a little PR and a few phone calls. But you can't do that with something that has so many tenticles and with the feds probing into every corner.

If Conrad was a good manager, he is also a good soldier. In otherwords, he won't finger anybody else and he has always known that he might have to fall on his sword someday.

Short of a criminal indictment - which doesn't seem likely at this point, he'll land on his feet somewhere.

Taft is clearly scrambling to distance himself:
Neither agency Administrator James Conrad nor any member of his staff told the governor about the state's investment in coins, Taft said. When questions came out about the investment in April, agency officials told Taft the investment was profitable and safe.
Let's face it, this is simply not credible. Yes, it may be that Taft didn't know the dirty details of the investment. But it is simply absurd for Taft to claim he had no idea that Ohio's biggest GOP fundraiser was not doing business with one of the governor's top lieutenants.

If the governor's race wasn't next year, it would be appropriate to start clamoring for a recall.


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