Friday, May 27, 2005


Dann right: Time for Coingate special prosecutor

Finally, finally, the Dems have found a voice in this matter and are starting to get some decent framing going:
Democrats called on Ohio GOP leaders yesterday to take responsibility for the rare-coin scandal and to rid Columbus of its "culture of corruption."

[. . .]

They also called for Republicans to return contributions from Mr. Noe and appoint an independent special prosecutor to investigate.

State Sen. Marc Dann, a Democrat from suburban Youngstown and one of the most vocal critics of the coin venture, said Republican leadership only took action once they were "shamed" by the actions of Mr. Noe, who has contributed thousands of dollars to their political campaigns.

"It's just tragic that the people charged with watching our money were totally asleep on the job," Mr. Dann said, remarking that 55 days have passed since The Blade first reported on Mr. Noe's rare-coin venture. In that time, he added, "Nobody did their job."

Mr. Dann said the ramifications of the scandal will be far-reaching, implicating the current administration as well as Republican gubernatorial candidates.

"It's too late, governor," Mr. Dann said, adding that Gov. Bob Taft, Attorney General Jim Petro, and State Auditor Betty Montgomery "were accomplices in Tom Noe's stealing from small businesses and workers in the state of Ohio."

He said, "If I were them, I would resign in embarrassment."
GOP Chair Bob Bennett may be crying crocodile tears now, but reporters should demand that he go on record about whether he supports the special prosecutor proposal.

And every Democrat candidate in the state ought to be running against the "Culture of Corruption."


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