Sunday, May 08, 2005


Economic growth and radical conservatism

The wingnuts in the Statehouse have been telling us that cutting regulations, taxes and lawsuit liability is key to economic growth. Perhaps they have their head up their ass.

Alabama just won the "Competitiveness" award from Site Selection magazine. The selection was based on a "10-category index of business expansion activity based largely on new and expanded facilities tracked by Conway Data and Site Selection's proprietary New Plant database."

In trying to understand why Alabama did so well, the editors interviewed Neal Wade, Director of the Alabama Development Office. Here is what he said about what is important:
"What we keep hearing from CEOs and other business leaders looking to expand is, 'We can find a site anywhere, but it's finding a trainable work force with a strong work ethic that is the difficult part,' " says Wade.
By the way, despite the conservatives chant that Ohio is uncompetitive because of corporate taxes, collective bargaining, environmental regulations, etc., Ohio ranked 6th in the Site Magazine competition, trailing only Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, Kentucky and Indiana.


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