Friday, May 20, 2005


Lousy coins get lousier

The Toledo Blade continues to trounce every other paper on the Tom Noe coin scandal. This week, reporters Drew and Wilkinson revealed that BWC internal auditor Keith Elliott back in 2000 advised Chief James Conrad about potential conflicts of interest with the investment. The bureau ignored Elliot’s advice to put a lid on it and continued to invest. In fact, as late as March, the bureau was ready to drop another $25 million into the coin fund, for a total of $75 million in coinage.

In other Coingate news, Blackwell is finally sticking his toe in the water to start his own investigation into Noe’s political fundraising. By our calculations, that’s five investigations underway, none of which are independent. We’re not holding our breath on this one either.

Oh yeah, and five Supreme Court justices recused themselves from hearing the Sunshine Law cases around the scandal. Together, the justices received over $23,000 in campaign money from Noe. My god, is there anyone who isn’t connected to this guy? Maybe. Alice Robie Resnick, the justice that Republicans fought like hell to take down with funny campaign money…remember her?

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