Thursday, May 12, 2005


NBC too target Ney's relationship to felon, gambler

Drip, drip, drip. . .

NBC has a story on Bob Ney tonight that has to do with a trip to England to meet with thrice-convicted felon and supposed aviation entrepenuer Nigel Winfield.
"My only interest was trying to meet a congressman and see what we could do," says Winfield.

In London, Winfield says Ney attended meetings, one over dinner at a casino with Winfield and Fouad al-Zayat, a Syrian-born businessman who heads FN Aviation. Zayat is one of London's biggest gamblers, betting hundreds of thousands of dollars on roulette in a sitting.

Experts say Ney's trip may violate House rules.
The story goes on to say that Ney claims he parlayed $100 into $34,000 during gambling on one of these trips.

No, seriously! No. No way was this a convenient way to launder a bribe. No, no way. Hey, these aviation guys are the totally legit type.

The biggest guffawer came from Ney's mouthpiece:
Ney's lawyer insists the trip was entirely proper and consistent with House rules. However, he says the congressman can't discuss his activities because of "national security implications."
National security implications? Man, these guys can come up with some fuckin lulus when their ass is in a sling, can't they?

Bob - doesn't that part about breaking House rules mean another appointment before the Ethics Committee?

And, aren't some of your constituents going to go apeshit when they find out one of your pals was involved in a deal to swindle The King?

[UPDATE] - We suspect the Elvis/Winfield link has something to do with the Lisa Marie, E's airplane, aka Flying Graceland, which he bought from Winfield in 1975.


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