Thursday, May 26, 2005


Noe admits to millions missing, now fun begins

From the Blade crew:
The Ohio Attorney General’s office announced today that the state will immediately pursue civil and criminal measures against Maumee coin dealer Tom Noe after his legal counsel informed the state that a substantial amount of assets from his Capital Coin Funds are missing.

Mr. Noe’s legal counsel advised the state that $10 million to $12 million of the state’s assets held by Capital Coin are unaccounted for.
Yes, its bad - very bad when you own attorney says the money is missing.

But, for politics watchers, the speculation starts about what kind of deal Noe can cut. And deals, in this case go in two directions: the fed's campaign donations case and who knew what about the coin deal.

Deals in the first category will be career-enders for many top Republicans and may involve some national RNC folks. Maybe Club Fed time, too.

Outcomes to the second will be career enders for BWC staffers and maybe Conrad, himself, besides more high-level Repubs including lobbyists and consultants.

Also, a tip from one of our readers raises in interesting question. Turns out Attorney Bill Wilkinson represents (at least represented as of last December) Larry Householder. That would be the same Bill Wilkinson that represents Tom Noe.

Shouldn't someone be asking Wilkinson which client's interests he is really representing. Actually, we suspect both Householder and Noe are asking him the same question at this point.


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