Monday, May 02, 2005


Ohio's GOP tax plan: Screw the disabled

So wealthy Ohioans can get their tax cut, this is going to happen. At least they are consistent.

And, they find obedient managers, too:
When ODJFS Director Barbara Riley testified Thursday in favor of abolishing the DMA program, she said it has become too expensive to sustain.

[. . . ]

The state points to the fact that 65 percent of DMA participants left the program in fiscal year 2004, either because they no longer needed it, they qualified for Medicaid, or they died.

[. . . ]

Dennis Evans, a spokesman for ODJFS, conceded that those who are not eligible for Medicaid "will have to rely on the charity of others" for help when the program's gone.

"Unfortunately, in this budget we were forced to make some very tough choices," Evans said.
So, they take a successful program designed to provide stop-gap services and pull it's funding because somebody/something has to pay for the tax cuts.

Rely on the charity of others? May whoever thought up this cut rot in hell.


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