Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Poll on Blackwell amendment good news

Categorize this in the "things aren't always as they appear" department. Although the PD's Julie Carr Smyth's story from this weekend about poll showing that 51% of the respondents support Ken Blackwell's amendment, the data is what we would consider very, very good news.

Actually, the poll is in sharp contrast from the rantings of Blackwell who have been claiming support levels in excess of 70%.

The 51% support number doesn't worry us at all. Unless someone understands how a expenditure limit amendment really works, it sounds goddam wonderful! Hell, if we didn't know better, we'd vote for the thing just to spite the unaccountable fuckers in Columbus - and that's apparently why a lot of respondents in the poll are voting for it, too:
Evelyn Cornelius of Cleveland would also vote yes - in protest of how state lawmakers have ignored big cities.

"Unless they're going to take the money and put it into schools, then I think that's the way it should be," said Cornelius, 71. "As much money as the state spends, the smaller, less-fortunate people have had no say-so."
The biggest danger about potential support for this amendment is that voters will use it as a way to punish elected officials. We don't claim to have our fingers on the pulse of Ohio, but you don't have to have the sensitivity of a braille reader either to discern that an enormous number of voters are absolutely, totally, completely alienated from their elected officials. That includes alienation from their legislators, county commissioners, city council members and school boards.

Everyday, we hear from and read about citizens complaining about very basic issues. Schools. Prescription prices. Health care. Pensions. Jobs. Law enforcement.

Regardless, the 51% vote has got to be viewed as a high-water mark - one that is reached before anyone starts to raise arguments and objections to it. The amendment is the kind of thing that 1) sounds good, 2) then sound "too good to be true", and 3) eventually sounds like just more bullshit cooked up by another politician who has his interests - not the publics - in mind.

With 51% of the vote, the only person that's got some explaining to do is Blackwell.


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