Tuesday, May 10, 2005


"We're Christocrats"?

From the Dispatch's Joe Hallett:
Merging the pulpit with politics, 1,070 Ohio pastors were asked yesterday to register 400,000 new "values voters" and urge their flocks to press a moral agenda at the Statehouse.

The Rev. Rod Parsley told the prospective "Patriot Pastors," gathered with a sprinkling of Republican politicians, that evangelical Christians must halt America’s moral decline, saying, "We are the largest special-interest group in Ohio and America today, and I for one say enough is enough."

[. . .]

Sitting at the head table with Parsley for breakfast were Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, a GOP candidate for governor, and U.S. Rep. Pat Tiberi, a Columbus Republican.

[. . .]

Parsley said Center for Moral Clarity chapters have been formed in 80 of Ohio’s 88 counties and evangelical voters were being registered without regard to political affiliation.

"We’re not Democrats; we’re not Republicans; we’re Christocrats," Parsley said.
Actually, it sounds like he may want them to be "Christ-o-consumers". Has Parsley been cross-breeding with the Mary Kay and Amway crowd?:
Parsley stood on a stage surrounded by four big television screens and flanked with posters of his best-selling book, Silent No More — which ushers sold in the aisles as he spoke — and passionately urged the audience to become politically involved.


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