Wednesday, May 18, 2005


What if you hold a press conference and no one shows...?

The proponents of tiny government must also be supporters of tiny press conferences, because that’s what they had yesterday. Our sources tell us The Buckeye Institute held a media event at the Statehouse in support of the Ohio TABOR amendment to limit state government that had only eight people in attendance – and most of those were opponents. Even the crown prince of Ohio’s tax and expenditure limit, Ken Blackwell, strolled in at the end.

In spite of their harping that the Ohio TEL amendment has nothing to do with the Colorado amendment, supporters trotted out former Colorado Senate President John Andrews, nonetheless, to tell people that Colorado really isn’t that bad off and that Ohio’s media has been snookered by “scare propaganda.” Although it’s been widely reported by dozens of credible sources that Colorado’s health care, education and infrastructure are suffering because of the spending limit, Andrews insisted those indicators weren’t really, well, indicators.

Here’s a hint: at a press conference, don’t tell reporters they’re dopes.
No surprise, we’ve yet to see any stories from either of the two members of the press who came. Will post if we see one.


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