Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Another year, another Comfest

Central Ohio is still trying to recover from the 3-day party/blur that is Comfest. Our 10-second review is that the bands were on par with previous years (that is, very good), but seemed more diverse (also good).

Knowing the effects of drinking beer and laying for hours in the sun, none of us wanted to be lugging a camera around, but one of our correspondents has provided some pixs of their own from Sunday at the Comfest.


The above documents what had been rumored all week - that the Dixie Chicks would be there incognito. (Actually, this is long-time Comfest volunteer Cyndi Woods who received the Volunteer of the Year Award for her work on the Street Fair portion of Comfest. She's flanked by Queen Candy Watkins and fellow Princess of the Pavement Joan Couden.


Here, the Hoo Doo Soul Band is tuning up before testing whether the French-leaning crowd has learned anything about rhythm in the last year.


Finally, we have another French-o-phile, state representative Dan Stewart, who shocked the Comfest crowd by showing them a document that he claimed would allow anyone to become Chief Investment Officer at BWC for a day. Apparently, BWC is auctioning the rights to be CIO as a fund-raiser for the agency. (Sorry, cash or money orders only. Just send to Ohio GOP c/o Bob Bennett, 211 S. Fifth St., Columbus).

Stewart also told the crowd that under his leadership the Ohio General Assembly just passed a resolution making body painting the State of Ohio's official "Art." As all good Comfest activists do, Stewart also admonished the crowd to remember that, "They are just boobs. Get over it!"


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