Thursday, June 23, 2005


Blade says BWC still withholding information

Damn, this is interesting!

In a blistering editorial today, the editors of the Toledo Blade accuse the new regime at BWC of throwing up unnecessary roadbloaks in the paper's investigation of the MDL scandal:
The bureau continues to stonewall this newspaper's attempts to gain access to any and all public records relative to the BWC's relationship with MDL Capital Management of Pittsburgh, the outfit that helped the agency lose some $215 million in a hedge-fund investment the bureau should never have made.

Reasonable people would expect that records connected to that relationship - including communications, e-mails, memos, you name it - would be public information and turned over as soon as The Blade or anybody else filed a legal public records request, which we have done.

Instead we get resistance and the phony excuse that much of what we seek is protected by the client-attorney privilege.

That's ridiculous. The public demands with one loud and clear voice the prompt release of every piece of material we seek - unredacted, a legal term for blacking out entries and items the releasing agency doesn't want anyone else to see.

The BWC is an agency with zero credibility right now, and the reasons why have been thoroughly documented in our pages since April 3.
It's worth reading the whole piece just for the fun of trying to read between the lines.


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