Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Bob Taft . . . tick, tick, tick, tick

As we so subtley suggested yesterday, Ohio's appears to be due for a change in Governors in a matter of days - or hours. Remember - ya' heard it here first.

And we even provided a hint that there was a link to golf - assuming you were reading us closely. And you better had. We like to drop hints a lot,

Today, Gov. Bob Taft had a revelation. Shucks! Darn! He forgot to jot down about 4 or 5 golf outings on his annual financial disclosure statement. Well, maybe not 4 or 5 . . . maybe it was 40 or 50. Who knows cause ya' know, it's so hard to keep track of those kinds of things when get into that ol' golf game banter about money and coins and appointments and unbid contracts and fundraising. And you can really lose yourself when you go to those warm-weather states. OOPS - we are only hypothetically speaking, of course!

And since we are speaking hypothetically, say of serious criminal charges, then Taft might have been wise in his hiring of noted criminal defense attorney William Meeks. Who is Bill Meeks? Thanks for asking.
"one of the most experienced and accomplished defense attorneys in the state." One respected commentator said: "If one day I am accused of robbing a bank my first and only call would go to Meeks."
Rob banks? Heavens no! Why rob a bank when its much easier to do your "work" from a golf cart.

But Taft really, really wants everyone to know he's wanting to bring on the facts to life.
"While I am still gathering all available information, it appears that a series of matters that should have been reported on my financial disclosure forms were not listed," Taft wrote.
But it is awfully hard to seem sincere when the criminal attorney you just hired is stuffing a sock in your mouth.
Taft would have no further comment on the advice of his lawyer, spokesman Mark Rickel said.
You know, again hypothetically speaking, if we were a top GOP ringmaster, and we were trying to throw Taft out as a sacrifical lamb to quell the uprising against the Republican culture of corruption, we'd be tempted to just hang out at a nice new retreat on Lake Erie and see how the dust settles.


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