Friday, June 10, 2005


Coingate rehash

Our recovery-induced hiatus unfortunately came as Coingate news suddenly became mainstream. Sheesh - now everybody is an expert.

Seriously, we do believe in power of the collective to really accelerate the investigation. The editors at the Dispatch are still playing catchup with the continuing great work of the Drew Crew at the Blade. Add to that the fact that even the BTB (big time bloggers) like Atrios, Josh Marshall, and John Aravosis are now advancing the story. Kos diarists also deserve a tip of the hat. And someone has even created a special Coingate page to keep track of the stories and timelines.

In brief, the avalance of coverage and blogging has been great and far better than we could have done. Props to them all for fanning the flames while we have been absent.

One gripe about bloggers and Coingate - there is an awful lot of posting that is sheer repetition of the latest news to come from the Blade or whereever. Boring, boring, boring. Why blog if you have nothing NEW to say? Jim Drew and the Blade do not need a publicity service. Their work stands by itself, especially now. We do not wait with baited breath for a blog to tell us the most recent story. Guess fucking what? We can go to the Blade's page, too!

What we need are more people with inside knowledge and contacts to suggest possible links and routes of investigation, not bloggers who can't go any further than being the Readers Digest of Coingate.


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