Monday, June 20, 2005


Comfest ! Comfest ! Comfest !

This (June 24-26 at Columbus's Goodale Park) is the best three-day music festival we know of in Ohio. And one of the biggest.

Seriously, don't miss it. Some how the loonies that run this show pull it together and it somehow all works - with zip, zero, nada corporate support.

The goobers race to the main stage to watch their neighbors as much as to watch the bands. But the veterans know that the small stages like the Exit Ramp Stage, the Gazebo and the Jazz stage are the place to dance, soak in the sounds and drink some cold Rolling Rock and Columbus Pale Ale.

And don't gripe about the beer price - it pays for the whole goddam show! What would you rather the organizers do. Charge $25 or $35 bucks a day to get in? Remember - this is a free festival. Besides, the beer pourers are very friendly and will fill you cup up to within microns of the top - with no foam. Ya gotta love it!

Check out the Comfest schedule here. And remember, these aren't necessarily the best bands in the area. The number of bands that try to get a slot is enormous and, unfortunately, many of the best somehow get shut out. But the ones that are lucky enough to get selected rise to the occasion and kick ass.

Be there or kick yourself for the rest of the summer.


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