Friday, June 17, 2005


Conrad, two Taft aides conspired to hide MDL news from public

Nearly all the Ohio papers today reported on a newly-released email from ex-BWC administrator Jim Conrad showing that he and two top Taft aides made a conscious effort to bottle up information on the MDL losses. From the Enquirer:
[A]n e-mail made public Thursday showed former BWC administrator James Conrad decided to keep information about an investment loss that ultimately hit $215 million from weekly reports given to Taft.

Conrad made the decision after talking to Jim Samuel, Taft's top business aide, and Jon Allison, Taft's chief of staff, according to e-mails obtained through a records request.

"I talked to both Samuel and Allison," Conrad said in an Oct. 28 e-mail to Mark Nedved, then BWC's legislative liaison. "They have enough information at the present time and both agreed it would be a mistake to put it in the weekly due to the wide and uncontrolled circulation of the Governor's weekly."
This email further erodes the credibility of Taft's claims that the didn't know of the MDL losses until this Spring. Allison and Samuel are Taft's lieutenants. It is naive to believe anything except that Conrad was meeting with Samuel and Allison so that they would verbally pass on the information about MDL to him without alerting others.

A couple of other developments are worth noting:


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